Wednesday, June 12, 2013


The fact that it's summer, combined with the sale on raw milk & the fact that bananas are one of the cheapest fruits available...well, it means that I've been making smoothies. EVERY. DAY. Bananas and fresh milk are both sources of electrolytes, which we all need in the heat of summer. Another thing I love about smoothies is the convenience. Not that it's inconvenient to eat fruit & drink milk...hmmmm...but sometimes I just want a delicious, creamy, nutritious drink. My smoothies always have bananas and milk. I usually add about one banana for every cup or so of milk. Sometimes I put strawberries in with the bananas. Sometimes I make a peanut butter & banana shake instead for an extra protein boost. Once, I even put them all together for a sort of pb&j taste. No matter which one I choose, they're creamy, cold, delicious & satisfying. Experiment with smoothies & enjoy your summer!

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