Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sum-It-Up Saturday - Getting Started

I started this challenge Tuesday. It's been a challenge to get going from nothing, since I usually have at least a couple of things made ahead of time and a lot bigger variety of ingredients in the kitchen.

Here's what we've been eating this week:

coconut flour muffins
nachos (tortilla chips topped with grated cheese & heated in the toaster oven)
fresh milk
grilled cheese sandwiches
a smoothie or two
popcorn (air-popped, with lots of butter & Garlic RealSalt)
fermented cod liver oil - not really a menu item, but it's important nutritionally

We need more variety, and I realized that we'll be really short on calories if I don't start using a LOT more of the foods that are cheapest per calorie, so I'm taking time the next couple of days to make food. If it's ready to eat or just reheat & serve, it's a lot more appealing than if you have to figure out what to eat & then make it. I'm hoping that having food ready to go will help us stick to our budget without getting too hungry or tired of eating the same things all the time. I already have a suspicion that sunflower seeds are going to get old really soon...

Today, I have a chicken roasting in the oven. I'll make old-fashioned chicken broth from the bones & use the meat & broth in a variety of recipes:

chicken casserole - the Kid's favorite meal
chicken salad if I make mayo - the good kind is out of my budget for now, and the grocery store varieties all have soybean oil &/or canola oil, both of which we avoid because of the inflammatory issues they can cause, so I'm thinking of using the cheap olive oil I bought to make our own mayonnaise. How's that for a run-on sentence? ;)
Enchilada casserole - tortilla chips, beans, chicken, cheese, & homemade enchilada sauce
Chicken soup

I also have the black beans soaking today to be cooked tomorrow. The kid sometimes likes his nachos with beans, so I'm happy to cook up a pot of inexpensive, fiber-rich black bean goodness for him. :)

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