Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Word About CLA

Have you ever heard of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)? It's a fatty acid that is anti-inflammatory in the body and helps a person to burn fat while maintaining muscle. And where can you can get it? The fats in grassfed animal products. I was wondering why I've been hurting a lot more than usual at the end of my workdays this week, so I finally decided to look at how I've changed my diet in the past week for this budget challenge, to see if I could figure out a simple connection. The one thing I REALLY keep craving is the grassfed dairy fats I usually consume in much higher amounts: grassfed cream, butter & cheese. I have used one quart of cream in a whole week, which is almost nothing for us, and I haven't bought any other grassfed dairy products except fresh whole milk. No wonder the kid keeps asking for "the good butter" - it's grassfed & will give him the CLA he has been missing in his diet this past week.

I like saving money. I like challenges...and games...and learning new things. I've learned something very important, and I'm done with the budget challenge the way I had it set up, in order to make sure we get what we need to be healthy. I have learned other things this week (as well as in other phases of my life), and I will continue to share recipes, nutrition information, money-saving ideas, tips for inexpensively boosting the nutrition content of a meal, etc. Thanks for reading!

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